Hello my name is Pamela Hall, I was born in Melbourne Australia 17 March 1954.

I have a home in an inner Melbourne suburb, although currently living with friends in Florida USA.
I have 2 brothers (one deceased), my dear Mum passed away September 1999, my Dad is
still very much a part of my life, we both enjoy common interests, working
with various programs on our computers, photography, making video's and graphics.

I have been writing poetry since I was 10 years of age, although only
began writing poetry on a more serious note in 1997.  I published my first
book of poetry in 1999 titled 'The Voice Within An Angels Heart'.

I write all types of poems, with angel poems and poetry that has a
message to give to readers, like 'The Light After The Storm' being my favourites.
I write straight from the heart, my prayer is that through
my poetry I give hope and faith when times are tough, food for thought for
souls who are searching and peace and tranquillity to the troubled heart.