Do you remember when it happened,
and how sick it made you feel?
As you watched in sheer disbelief,
praying that the images weren't real.

But, the images were very real,
and we remember them to this day.
All who suffered remain in our hearts,
and there, they will always stay.

We'll never forget this senseless tragedy;
those injured; all the precious lives lost.
The twin towers can one day be replaced,
but lives never can be, at any cost.

We pray for all whose lives were shattered,
to find strength to deal with all they face.
And for God to always be there with them,
holding them within His loving embrace.

May God protect this wonderful country,
and keep it's people proud and strong.
To continue to believe in their freedom,
when shameless others do them wrong.

Our hearts will never forget what happened,
on that fatal day, 11th September, 2001.
But together we will make it through,
when millions of hearts are joined as one!

Pamela Hall
11th September, 2005




Art by Danny Hahlbohm is used with written permission


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