You are an Angel without a halo,
but in my heart, I can see it glow.
I feel all the love you send my way,
just so you can brighten my day.

It's the little things you say and do,
that show the Angel inside of you.
Giving so much, beyond compare;
showing me that you always care.

Even without having wings to fly,
you are able to lift my spirits high.
Taking me from darkness to light;
carrying me like an Angel in flight.

Protecting my heart from despair;
as a Guardian Angel, you're there.
You bring messages of God's love,
just like an Angel sent from above.

To give peace and comfort within,
knowing I can find strength in Him.
You're a blessing to me; so dear;
I know wherever I am, you're near.

You don't have a halo or two wings,
but you give all that an Angel brings.
You will always be an Angel of mine,
as in my heart, you will forever shine.

Pamela Hall

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