You're the answer to my prayers;
an Angel given from Heaven above.
Sent down to me by our dear Lord,
to fill my heart with such great love.

God must have always known,
that you would be so perfect for me.
And with you, I would find this love,
true as love could ever possibly be.

He gave you invisible Angel wings,
yet, I can feel them within your touch.
As only an Angel sent from Heaven,
could touch my heart this much.

Your love glows like a brilliant halo,
wrapped tenderly around my heart.
To keep me feeling safe and warm,
when times in life can seem so dark.

You're the gentle voice inside of me,
which gives me the faith to carry on.
In the moments when I am so down,
and I'm feeling that all hope has gone.

The love, and everything that you give,
is more than I could have hoped for.
Having you now by my side forever,
I never need to ask for anything more.

You are my precious Angel of love;
the keeper of my heart and soul.
You've reached so deep inside of me,
and made my being, feel so whole.

Pamela Hall ~ 29th December 2002

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