Without you being in my life,
my world has become so blue.
As everything I was living for,
was found in my love with you.

Shades of blue colour my eyes,
in a world seen without your love.
A love I will feel for you forever,
and take with me to Heaven above.

I feel so empty, and so lost,
in a life now felt so foreign to me.
I thought I'd have your love forever;
that you and I would always be.

I don't know how to go back,
to the life I was living before.
You brought so much to my life,
I can't live without you anymore.

My world has become so blue,
without the love you gave to me.
The beautiful colours of your love,
made my world wonderful to see.

You filled my life with sunshine,
and rainbows of the greatest hue.
As you showered me with your love,
making all my dreams come true.

Now only blue skies surround me,
as I walk through my life each day.
Without your love within my heart,
my world of colour has gone away.

Pamela Hall ~ 6th January 2001

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