By chance, it seems that we met each other;
yet my heart knows that it was meant to be.
In this world filled with hopes and dreams,
you were always, the only one meant for me.

It was just a matter of time before I found you,
and we were to share our lifetime together.
With a love that binds our hearts and souls,
which will remain as precious as it is, forever.

By chance, yet I knew the moment I met you,
that this was the love I had been waiting for.
Something down deep in my soul was touched,
and my heart couldn't have been more sure.

You stepped out from my dreams, into my life,
giving me a love, I had hoped would come true.
But I never thought I could find this kind of love,
until, by chance, my heart finally found you.

Pamela Hall ~ 4th February, 2003

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