You're my special Christmas Angel,
who sits not upon my Christmas tree.
But one who is held so deeply inside,
my heart and the inner soul within me.

Your love glows like that of an Angel,
sheltering over me, in all that I do.
For everything my heart ever needs,
I know that I can always find it in you.

When I am sick, and feeling weak,
you gently hold me in your prayer.
You comfort and lift my flagging spirit,
when at times, life does seem unfair.

You are always there to help me,
when I don't know what I should do.
You wrap me in your tender wings,
and together, we make it through.

No matter what I am having to face,
you are always right there for me.
Your love becomes my shining light,
when I've become too blind to see.

Your words bring me inner peace,
like an Angel Messenger from above.
A special Angel right here on Earth,
to spread God's unconditional love.

You share with me the difficult times,
and also times that are happy for me.
With you I'm able to share everything,
which makes my heart feel so free.

You're not only my Christmas Angel,
but my Angel the whole year through.
And I feel so very blessed by God,
to be given an Angel, such as you!!

Pamela Hall
23rd December, 2001

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