You're my past, present and future;
all time which I am holding on to.
There is nothing more that I want;
than to spend all my life loving you.

You have blessed me with dreams,
I never thought my heart would see.
By holding me deeply in your heart,
and giving your precious love to me.

It's a love which truly embraces me,
in all it has been, and will become.
It surrounds me in all of my dreams,
when each new dawn has begun.

You are everything my heart needs;
all which makes my soul complete.
My life has found more happiness,
from the day our two hearts did meet.

My past, my present, and my future,
have all been found in my loving you.
You have given to me an eternal love,
which my heart will forever hold on to.

Pamela Hall ~ 21 August, 2003

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