When I think about the friends,
who I have met on the internet.
My heart feels so very blessed,
that you and I have met.

Some friends come and go,
like ships passing through.
But others stay for always,
and their hearts remain true.

You are my forever friend,
as I know you will always stay.
No matter where our lives take us;
no matter what comes our way.

We'll be together through the years,
sharing all the ups and downs.
We'll laugh and cry with each other,
as we share the smiles and frowns.

You've been a blessing in my life,
which I am ever so thankful for.
Your friendship brought me so much,
when you entered my heart's door.

I'm glad you're my forever friend,
to share all my lifetime through.
You will forever be a part of me,
and my heart will always love you.

Pamela Hall
10th August, 2002

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Art by Sara Moon

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