We don't always understand in our life,
why things happen the way that they do.
Sometimes we try to find the answers,
and other times, we don't feel a need to.

However, whatever the reason might be,
it always lays in God Almighty's hands.
We have to believe all that does happen,
is meant to be, as a part of God's plans.

The answers all rest in our faith in God;
there is a purpose for all our life brings.
And even through the sadness we feel,
we should try to find, a hidden blessing.

So often we don't see a reason right away,
as our hearts are filled with all our emotion.
We should remember it is all in His plans,
and even if it hurts, not forget His devotion.

Some things happen to teach life lessons,
and others are just a part of our time here.
We need to experience the many facets,
before the meaning of life, becomes clear.

No matter what we face, be it sadness or joy,
always let His love continue to shine within.
God has a plan for each one of His children;
we must trust in His love, and never give in!

Pamela Hall

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