Goodbye, my precious friend,
until we meet again in Heaven one day.
The mark that you left upon my heart,
is forever within my heart to stay.

I cherished the friendship we shared;
one always so very special to me.
It's left behind a precious part of you,
which will continue to live inside of me.

I never got to feel your warm hugs,
or to ever meet with you, face to face.
Yet across the miles our hearts met,
and we felt each other's loving embrace.

I loved you so much my precious friend;
treasured all of the love you were giving.
You touched my heart in many ways,
bringing such joy to this life I am living.

You were always so very caring to me;
a true friend who I was blessed to know.
And now that you are no longer here,
my saddened heart, is missing you so.

I don't know why God called you home;
He must have had special plans in view.
And when He searched all the world over,
there was no doubt, that He needed you.

Because He knew you would be the one,
for the special plans that He had in mind.
Although you would be deeply missed,
by all of the loved ones, you've left behind.

I wish I knew what God planned for you,
so it would help me to try and understand.
But I know that whatever the reason was,
everything in our lives has been planned.

Yet, it is never easy to try and accept,
the deep loss of someone who you love.
When suddenly they are taken from you,
to return to be with God, in Heaven above.

Only time will ease my saddened heart,
but the memories of you will remain.
My life must now continue on without you,
until I am able to meet with you again.

So goodbye, my precious friend,
until we can once again be together.
It's so very hard to say goodbye for now,
yet in my heart, I know it won't be forever.

Pamela Hall ~ 26th May 2001

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