Take the cold hand of a little child,
and watch the child begin to smile.
Often that is all a dear one needs,
for reassurance they're worthwhile.

So many of God's young children,
feel all alone in a world they suffer.
Without the tender love they need,
given from their mother and father.

Take the cold hand of a little child;
allow the child to feel warm and safe.
Show them that they are truly loved,
as in your heart, they have a place.

Remove the child's long trail of tears
replace them with hopes and dreams.
Put a sparkle back in their sad eyes,
and a smile to make their face beam.

Take the cold hand of a little child,
even though they are not your own.
Give to them your unconditional love,
and a place, that they can call home.

Nourish the child, repair their spirit,
and mend their sad broken heart.
Hold their cold hand, make it warm
give their shattered life a new start.

Pamela Hall 14th July, 1999

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