If you believe in the healing powers of prayer,
no matter how difficult your life becomes to bear.
When times are rough; all hope seems gone,
your prayers of faith will help you to continue on.

If you believe all which is dealt has it's reason,
it will help you face, life's changing seasons.
And your heart will be comforted as you pray,
knowing better times will be coming your way.

If you believe you can have trust in God's love,
you'll hear His message through an Angel above.
To keep faith, as Angels will guide you to the light,
and you'll come through the dark, and be alright.

If you believe your prayers will be heard on high,
your spirit will be renewed; once again able to fly.
As God will answer you, when He hears you call;
His love is the greatest healing power of them all.

Pamela Hall

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