Once in a lifetime, you find someone,
as I was so blessed to find you.
Who holds your heart within their soul,
and makes all of your dreams come true.

You find that one precious love,
your heart was always longing to find.
Which completes your heart and soul,
when through love, both yours combine.

It's a feeling you can never describe,
as it's one you have never known before.
You just know that when you have it,
your heart's found what it was looking for.

When your heart finds this kind of love,
you've found a love that will last forever.
And no matter what happens between you,
this love will always keep you together.

Once in a lifetime, you find someone,
who is everything you hoped love would be.
I thank the Lord above, for finding you,
because you are all of that, to me.

Pamela Hall
5th March, 2005

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