When you don't know where you're going;
and have no idea of what you should do.
And your soul feels as though it's so lost,
Jesus will always be right there with you.

He will cleanse your soul with His love,
bringing to you a feeling of inner peace.
And from your troubles felt deep within,
you will find your much needed release.

Within the darkness He will be your light,
and carry you through life's raging storm.
His love will be the gentle arms of hope,
embracing you, as you wake each dawn.

You will regain your strength in His love;
your soul will feel peaceful and renewed.
And all your blurred visions of tomorrow,
will become much clearer, when viewed.

Always keep your faith in our Lord Jesus;
He'll never leave you alone and in despair.
As through the eyes of His Holy Father,
He will hear all of the cries in your prayer.

Pamela Hall
25th August, 2002

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