Oh Lord, please hear these heartfelt prayers,
which I am sending to You, on wings of love.
For all your Angel messengers to carry to you,
from my corner of the Earth, to Heaven above.

This plea comes from my heart with urgency,
for one who is very dear and important to me.
Please hold them in the palms of Your hands,
uplifting them in my prayers, so they can see.

I need for them to see that they are not alone,
during these darkest hours they have to face.
And all who love them are saying their prayers,
for their light to shine again, with God's grace.

Please bathe their heart with the love and faith,
they so urgently need, to help them get through.
Their load is so heavy, and their heart saddened,
and therefore I must ask for some help from You.

I have faith that You will answer my heart's pleas,
and shine Your loving light, as I believe You do.
These prayers that I'm sending on Angels' wings,
are for one who I love so dearly, who needs You.

©Pamela Hall

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