If we all just cared about everyone we knew,
the world would be a much better place.
If no judgements were made on our differences,
we could all live, as only one race.

If you care about me, and l care about you,
then the chain of friendship has begun.
lf we continue to link this wonderful chain,
it would spread across the world, and include everyone.

Then there would be no excuse for war,
because of race, or religion, or just plain greed.
And no reason for any weapons to hurt each other,
for if we're all joined as friends, there could be no need.

This isn't a perfect world for you, and for me,
but it is the only one we have to live in.
We can give our gift to mankind, by saying "l care",
and let the chain of friendship begin.

Pamela Hall ~ 1st May 1998

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