With it being Mother's Day,
our thoughts are of our Mothers,
who we hold so dear.

Our Mothers who we are blessed,
to be able to share this day with,
and those who are no longer here.

But say a prayer for all the Mothers,
who have endured the loss of a child;
a child who can't be with them today.

Mother's Day is not easy for them,
as they remember their children,
during this very special meaning day.

A Mother never expects her child,
to ever be called back home,
before her own time here is done.

The pain which only a Mother feels,
over the loss of her precious child,
truly is the most indescribable one.

To all the Mothers on Mother's day,
who have Angels in Heaven above,
know your Angel's thinking of you too.

Just as you can't, and will never forget,
your precious child now in God's care,
they also, will remember all about you.

Today, this precious child of yours,
will be smiling at you from Heaven,
and sending all of their love your way.

With most beautiful memories of you,
and all you gave from your heart,
as they think of you on Mother's Day.

Although they are no longer here,
your precious child will always feel,
your eternal light of a Mother's love.

It will forever shine within their soul,
and be felt deeply within their spirit,
as they rest in peace, in Heaven above.

Pamela Hall ~ 13th May, 2001

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