I have watched you grow up over the years,
And shared in the learning, the joys and the tears.
I've seen you become the person who you are today,
A child of mine, and so very special to me, in every way.

Through the years you have brought my heart many smiles,
And even through any hard times, you made it all worthwhile.
I will always be here for you, always right by your side,
Whether it be just to listen to you, or to be your guide.

I can't lead your life for you, and protect you from all harms,
But my love will be embracing you, as if you were in my arms.
Above all else, your happiness is so very important to me,
And when I see your smiling face, it fills my heart so lovingly.

I gave you the gift of life, and in return I've received love,
You a true blessing given to me from the Lord above.
For the love between a mother and a child is like no other,
And I am so proud that I am able to say, I am YOUR mother.

©Pamela Hall

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