How the music did play,
so loud, and so clear.
The most beautiful music,
my heart did ever hear.

Melodies were strung together,
in a neverending stream.
Lifting my heart to ecstasy,
as it orchestrated my dreams.

I always heard it around me,
no matter where I would go.
It filled my heart with love,
with it's seemly endless flow.

Then one day the music died;
the sweet melodies were no more.
And my heart felt an emptiness,
which gripped at it's inner core.

The music within my heart,
I had felt from your love for me.
Left me with a deafening silence,
where once the music would be.

I tried so hard to still hear it;
my heart couldn't hear a sound.
The day the music died,
no more music could be found.

Pamela Hall ~  ~ 19th March 2001

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