May God's love gently wash over your soul,
and make calm your every fear.
May God hold you in the palm of His hand,
and always keep you so near.

May you find great strength in God's love,
for today's journey, and each following day.
May your faith in the power of prayer remain,
giving to you hope, as you find your way.

May you find comfort in God's son Jesus,
and the loving gift of Salvation He brings.
May you always hear the word of the Lord,
and your life enriched with many blessings.

May Jesus forever command God's Angels,
to watch over you in everything that you do.
May Angels shelter you during life's storms,
and shine a light to show the way through.

May life always be gentle and kind to you,
and filled with much happiness and love.
May you continually feel the gifts and joys,
that are given to you, from Heaven above.

Pamela Hall

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