You've given me a rainbow,
to brighten all of my days.
A rainbow to be cherished,
in so many different ways.

A rainbow that overshadows,
any storms within my heart.
Painting it with much colour,
as it replaces all of the dark.

A rainbow which shelters me,
as an umbrella over my soul.
Protecting it from emptiness,
by giving love to keep it whole.

A rainbow to show the beauty,
that another's heart can hold.
As words form a rainbow hue,
with the loving way they're told.

A rainbow to remind me of God,
and how truly blessed I've been.
To be given the gift of a rainbow;
making my life feel more serene.

This rainbow that I've been given,
is only found in a precious few.
I am one of God's chosen ones,
as I've found my rainbow in you.

Pamela Hall

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