I wish for you peaceful days;
days only filled with love.
And an abundance of blessings,
received from our Lord above.

For your days to be brightened,
by everyone who you know.
And the love held in your heart,
to always continue to grow.

I wish for you warm comfort,
when life is not easy to bear.
And loved ones to surround you,
when needing to know they care.

For inner strength to be found,
at times when feeling so weak.
A heart to hold you in the valleys,
until you finally reach that peak.

I wish for the joys of laughter,
to forever come to your heart.
And an inner glow of happiness,
to be found in the love you impart.

These wishes are in my heart,
because you're so special to me.
And I am wishing you all the best,
that your life's journey could ever be.

Pamela Hall
1st August, 2002






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