My precious love, how can I say,
everything that you mean to me.
For all of the words I can not find,
look into my heart, and you'll see.

My love for you continues to grow,
with each and every passing day.
I find that each day brings with it,
touches to my heart in a new way.

You've answered all of the dreams,
I thought that true love could be.
Filling both my heart and soul with,
the most precious love inside of me.

You're everything I have hoped for;
the love my heart searched to find.
It is a love so rare, and so beautiful,
it's impossible for my heart to define.

My heart was blessed to find you,
and now I have I never want to let go.
My precious love, I am loving you,
more than you could possibly know.

Pamela Hall
14th May, 2000








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