When you feel that you're grounded,
and no longer able to fly.
God will send you an Angel,
from His Kingdom in the sky.

His Angel will lift you in your prayer,
wrapped within her strong, soft wings.
And you will feel all of the love,
which your faith in the Lord brings.

She'll hold you through your troubles,
until you can again fly on your own.
You'll know that despite all your facing,
you're never left to deal with it alone.

These Angel messengers from above,
will show the way, through God's "eyes".
And when life's storms surround you,
they'll carry you beyond the darkest skies.

God will always send you an Angel,
when you feel you have lost your way.
So keep your faith close to your heart,
and He will find you, as you pray.

Pamela Hall
21st June, 2004






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