We all have our days,
when everything seems too much.
When we want to run and hide,
from life's cruel touch.

The days when no light shines,
to see our way through.
We don't know where to turn;
don't know what we should do.

We feel the need to escape;
to leave all the pain behind.
We've questions, but no answers,
of why life seems so unkind.

Everything feels so hopeless;
becomes too much to bear.
We want to run far away,
from the cause of our despair.

But, after every life's storm;
after every tear of rain.
The grey clouds will clear;
the sun will shine once again.

A rainbow will cross the sky;
our life will feel brighter.
The heaviness in our heart,
will become much lighter.

Life will be easier to bear,
once the storm has passed.
We must remind ourselves,
that a storm never does last.

For God will always bring us,
sunshine to replace the rain.
Peace, love and happiness,
to end our sadness and pain.

He will shine on us a light,
to see our way through.
Guiding us during the storms,
to make sure that we do.

When thunder claps over you,
keep holding on tight.
Remember, after the darkness,
there will always be a light.

Hold on to your faith,
and keep hope in your heart.
Life will bring a new dawning;
you'll see light through the dark.

Pamela Hall
26th January, 2001

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