Where there's a will, there is a way,
for you to make it through each difficult day.
You have to want to strive to continue on,
even when you feel, much hope has gone.

Our will gives us the inner strength to fight;
to hold on firmly, with all of our might.
To know there are better days for us ahead,
and to strive to reach those days instead.

We can let ourselves be engulfed by today,
and throw a much brighter future away.
But, if we keep our faith close to our heart,
it's our will that'll stop us from falling apart.

We must find our strength in God above;
feel the awesome power of His undying love.
Let His love strengthen the will inside of you,
and take this strength to carry you through.

Be determined to hold on when life is tough,
even though the journey, can be so rough.
You'll walk the valleys to reach the peaks,
and find glory in making this determined feat.

Reach into your soul and find your will inside,
and hold firmly onto it, with determined pride.
Believe in where there's a will, there IS a way,
to make your tomorrows, better than today.

Pamela Hall - 24th November 2001

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