If our tomorrow never comes to us,
Remember all of the love we have shared.
How our two hearts were joined together,
And for each other, we have truly cared.

If all that we have together is right now,
It will be more than others have in a lifetime.
And we can be so very thankful to our God,
That our two hearts came together in time.

If time is something we're not given much of,
Then we'll have made the most of time now.
Cherishing a love that has grown between us,
our hearts have been given this time to allow.

If one of us is left behind, and we must part,
Should the other be taken to a higher place.
We shall have the most precious memories,
For our heart to hold within a tender embrace.

If one must then continue life on their own,
Remember that the love we shared will never die.
As true love felt between two hearts and souls,
Never says "Goodbye" if one should fly high.

If tomorrow finds one's soul upon the wind,
it will dance amongst the stars and be free.
And the love that remains will be showered,
in memory of the greatest love that could ever be.

Pamela Hall ~ 9th July, 2000

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