I know the road you now travel is hard and long,
and sometimes it isn't easy, to always be strong.
But I'm walking along with you each step you take;
here to hold you, when your strength does break.

I'll be the rock carrying you to the end of the road;
the one who you can lean on, to lighten your load.
The friend who will always try to make you smile,
and embrace your heart, while we walk each mile.

I'll walk in your shoes as I share this road with you,
and be your shining light, to ensure you get through.
I'll help keep your shoes firmly planted on the ground,
and should you begin to stumble, I'll hold them down.

Together we'll find all the strength and faith we need,
to face the uncertainties where this road may lead.
With our hearts joined in prayer, and our love within,
God will watch over all our steps, this road will bring.

Pamela Hall

Art used is by Colin Bogle

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