I kneel down beside the edge of the ocean,
and cry out from my heart, across the sea.
I ask for God to hear all my heart's prayers,
to take me to my love, who's so far from me.

I'm already with you in my heart and soul,
but long to be there with you in body too.
I listen as the waves roll in, over the shore,
whispering words of love, sent from you.

Words which gently wash all over me,
like the sea washes over the sandy shore.
I cup the water lovingly within both hands,
to hold onto the dreams, I am waiting for.

Beautiful dreams of being with you forever,
with no ocean to evermore keep us apart.
I place my cupped hands against my chest,
letting whispers of the ocean, feel my heart.

A heart full of the deepest love it's known;
love that has my heart's complete devotion.
A love which knows no barrier of distance,
as it comes to me, from across the ocean.

I stand and look out across the blue sea,
thinking of my precious love, so far away.
And as the whispers of the ocean call to me,
I know that we'll finally be together, one day.

Pamela Hall ~ 16th May, 2001

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Picture used is 'Pacific Paradise' by Steve Hanks

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