Let an Angel come into your heart,
and you will also let in God's love.
As Angels are God's messengers;
a window to God in Heaven above.

Angels will open a special window,
to the purest love found of them all.
A God who loves us unconditionally;
all of His creations, great and small.

Take a journey through the window,
on a Heavenly Angel's gentle wings.
And you'll find the peace and comfort,
having Faith in God Almighty brings.

God's window is always open for you,
with the Angels He sends to surround.
As long as your eyes are open to see,
so much beauty and joy can be found.

God loves you and gave to you Jesus,
and a gift of Salvation through His Son.
By God's grace you'll have eternal life,
after your time here on Earth is done.

Through this window God will hold you,
giving you faith your prayers are heard.
He will lift you up on His Angels' wings,
and bring comfort to you for every word.

The true beauty found within an Angel,
is beauty which comes from God's love.
Take flight through an Angel's window,
and find the love of God in Heaven above

Pamela Hall


Art by Mary Baxter St Clair used with permission

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