Grandpa, may you now rest in peace,
within God's tender, and loving care.
Though you'll be missed by all who love you,
we know that you will be happy there.

The Angels wrapped you in their wings,
and lifted your precious soul to fly.
When God called you home for eternal life,
in His Kingdom, in the Heavenly skies.

You left behind many precious memories,
from your time here with us on Earth.
Those memories will forever be carried,
inside our hearts, with immeasurable worth.

We cherish all of the love you gave to us,
and wish that you could have stayed here.
But, we know we will never be without you,
for your spirit will always be very near.

Now you've joined the Angels in Heaven,
and will be within God's loving care forever.
But the mark you left upon all of our lives,
will keep our souls bonded together.

We'll never forget you, dear Grandpa;
we know you'll be waiting at Heaven's door.
When it is time for us to come home also,
and for us to be together, once more.

God Bless you Grandpa!

Pamela Hall~ 6th February 2001

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