You are every writer's dream; a whole spectrum of emotion.
A perfect gift to a writer's pen, for words of love and devotion.

Feelings flow from my heart, becoming words in my mind.
I only need to reach inside, to have all the words to find.

Words flow in a river of love, washing over each part of me.
Filling my heart with emotion, until the river becomes a sea.

Every writer dreams of having, such inspiration to their heart.
To paint their words on paper, with this sensitive form of art.

I am so blessed to have you, to inspire my heart this much.
You are every beautiful word, and you're every loving touch.

My words become so alive, on the paper they are written.
As you've given them meaning; given to my heart such vision.

You are every writer's dream; every beautiful story to be told.
Words flowing through my pen, from all the love my heart holds.

Pamela Hall ~ 8th May, 2001

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