I would rather live in your world,
than live in my world on my own.
As to live in my world without you,
would find me empty, and so alone.

Our two worlds might be different;
on some things we may not agree.
But I'd rather accept the differences,
than live without you being with me.

I can forgo some things that I desire,
if you don't feel the same way I do.
Just being with you, is all I'll need,
to make my every dream come true.

When two hearts are so much in love,
there's nothing that can't be overcome.
We've our own thoughts and feelings,
but our hearts are in harmony as one.

I would rather live in your world,
than to ever live without your love.
As all the love that I share with you,
is my precious blessing, from above.

Pamela Hall ~ 9th January 2001

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